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This week was certainly interesting!  At the Capitol I produced some rockin’ stories.  I covered a House hearing that mentioned a 1995 murder trial.  Shortly after, there was first round approval to give teachers more knowledge about problem students.  Read my story here.

My next story I wrote for radio down in Jefferson City involved hackers.  I learned a lot from this Senate meeting.  Before I delve into that, we met in the Senate lounge.  One thing I admire about the Capitol building is that it simply highlights Missouri’s history – both the good and the bad.  I was slightly disturbed by the rug on the wall with a man skinning a deer that was hanging upside down, a branch wedged between it’s feet to hold it in place.  Being a vegetarian, this especially struck me.  While I couldn’t find the picture online, here is a picture of our Capitol (from Wikipedia).

...I work here Mondays and Tuesdays for Missouri Digital NEws

...I work here Mondays and Tuesdays for Missouri Digital News

Back to the news… to read my story about how Missouri is 1 of 6 states that does not require businesses to notify you if your personal information has been stolen, click here.  Other interesting items in the news?  A univeral cell phone charger (also read why some say it won’t work), a magician who now can’t afford the rabbit or the hat and a swiss secret?

Last week I turned in my first package (I talked about it in my previous post), and it was brutal.  My teacher (also pictured in the last post), tore me apart.  I guess that just leaves a lot of room for improvement.  I am also confident this next package I have will have a higher grade.  I focused on doctors working around the year to find the cure for breast cancer.  Read the article that inspired me, here.

Unbeknownst to some, I am also a minor in Meteorology.  I figure with the economy the way it is, I should be indispensible.  If I can do the news and the weather, I will be less likely to be fired than that guy who can only read prompter.  That’s what I’m hoping anyway.  A- on my first test, at least I am well on my way.

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