Captain Hook?

Keep in mind, this is a true story. While I wrote about this in my other blog, it is worth mentioning again.

I teach Sunday School and Youth Group at Wilkes Boulevard UMC. On a little break, my fellow Sunday school leader and myself went to Taco Bell for lunch…

Sounds normal enough so far, right?
Taco Bell, Columbia, MO
While I was in there, a man with a hook for one hand (I am not joking) came up to our table and put a tiny, black rock in our faces.
“Must be gold,” he said, “maybe a diamond, feel it.”
Althought I thought there was a possibility it was bird dung, I took it out of sheer courtesy. Well, it was smooth…
Then, he dropped it on the ground. He picked it up and dropped it again. And again. And again.
“See how it doesn’t break? Must be gold.”
“Do you think it’s gold?”

My other youth group leader, Zach, only said, “Well…maybe.”
It looked something like this…
Rough hematite
Ummm, not to burst his Neverland bubble or anything, but I don’t think so…

Speaking of gold, it was just discovered that Lincoln’s every-day pocket watch had a secret inscription written on it from when the first shots of the Civil War were fired. Read the article, here.

Not so golden? My package I made last week.  It was the one about the memorial maker I mentioned earlier. While it was my highest score, I was counted off for more technical errors than usual which, consequently, turned it from my best score to the lowest. Now that we have produced more than three, we can take our time on churning out the next story. I am going to make sure I do so and make it the best package I’ve ever made and then hopefully (cross your fingers for me) get cleared for KOMU. That’s the goal.

This week at the State Capitol, I did a “whip-around” story. A “whip-around” is when it goes from one reporter and then whips straight to the next one who is covering the same story, but with a different focus. The story is about a Senate Committee Hearing about Springfield’s City Utilities wanting to be some of the first in the nation to begin pumping CO2 into the ground…without liability. Read my stories here. Read my fellow radio reporters here. It is going to be on Springfield’s radio station, KSMU.

Stay tuned,

Pickford sailing with her third husband, Buddy Rogers.


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