“Journalism is in fact history on the run.” – Thomas Griffith

My life has been crazy this past week. I have been working my two jobs (KOMU and Missouri Digital News), running the youth group/Sunday School, working on projects and taking tons of tests. Whew. I can’t wait for the weekend!

The legislation at the State Capitol is on their “recess”, or rather, their spring break. That made things down in Jefferson City less hectic. I felt like I was working the middle of a ghost town, I have never witnessed the usually bustling halls so void of life. If I were there alone, I am sure I would have scared myself into thinking there were ghosts of Senators-passed. While we were not pre-occupied with legislation and law, we journalists worked diligently on our feature stories. My fellow reporter, Emily Coleman, and myself are working on a bill sponsored by Columbia Senator Kurt Schaefer.
Empty Capitol...
(photo by Devon Neff)

Missouri is one of only six states that does not require a business to notify its consumer if their identity has been stolen. In essence, someone could come along and snatch your bank account and you would be none-the-wiser. The bank technically does not have to tell you. After two days of hunting, we found someone in Columbia who had her social security number stolen. We are interviewing her this week so we can share her experience on the radio for the public to hear.

In the television news world, I have had the worst luck tracking down a story. I had two last-minute turn-downs and had to resort to my “Plan C” (thank you, Greeley, for teaching us the importance of multiple back-up plans). My story is on a group of college students who started their own fraternity at The University of Missouri (affectionately dubbed “Mizzou”). I am working on compiling that package together as I type. I hope for it to be my best!
Photo from Flickr

As for news around the world…
Minor head injures may not be so minor. Read it here.
The earliest dinosaurs…fuzzy? Read it here.
Want to know what a woebegone is?

The thing I am going to rant about today, however, is the college students who find it necessary to whine about everything. If you are anywhere near a college campus, I have a little challenge/project for you. Go to the campus (scary, I know), and just sit. Sit and listen. You will hear girls complaining about their hair, students complaining about the low marks on their tests and guys whining they are hung over (actually, and gender may complain about all three of these).

I think we could all use a little tough love. Get a low mark on your test? Talk to your teacher, ask them how you can improve and study harder. Don’t sit there and complain to your friends about it and then wonder why your scores never improve. This is all spurred from a New York Times article discussing just this. Read it here. A blogger wrote a response to this and I agree with him. Read his opinion here.

Well, I suppose complaining about complaining doesn’t do me much good now, does it?
I think I will put my woebegone old self back to work.

Until next week,
It's almost spring!  Soon we can all put the flowers in our hair.


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