No Man is an Island.

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The title of my post today is inspired by a lecture I heard in my Broadcast II class this morning.  My teacher, Greeley Kile (his picture is in a previous post) talked about traumatic experiences in the field.

“You will never forget the first dead body you see.”

This is when the sleep from my eyes disappeared and I really started to pay attention.  The smell of blood…the screams of someone trapped in a car that has been twisted beyond repair…finding a person’s head detached from their body.

These are all thing that have happened to journalists in the field while covering a story.  My professor said finding someone to talk to is the most important thing.  An analogy he used was that of a beach ball.

If you have seen or heard something traumatic, do not hold it in.  You can hold a beach ball under the water, but there will always be resistance.  The deeper you push the ball under, the more it pushes back.  You can hold it under water for so long until you slip.  Then the ball bursts out of the water, unleashing all of the emotions you have been holding inside.

This lecture really hit home.  Why?  I can’t tell you yet, I am still feeling it out.  I will be sure to write more this week, but my next class is in thirty minutes and I have to run.

Until tomorrow,



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