My Purse’s O-nality.

I have learned on my many years on this Earth (haha) that people have come up with many different ways to describe ones personality. So, let’s give a try, shall we? We are going to diagnose my inner psyche by the items in my purse. For those of you who have never seen my purse, it looks like this:


Oh yes…this is going to take a while.

I will tell now tell you what it means to carry a hair brush, journalism notebook, bag of muffin dough, Gameboy color, and so much more! I think I may even be surprised by what we find in my Mary Poppins pit of a bag.

Firstly, here is proof that I actually emptied it out:

Bouche is the Proof

Bouche is the proof.

Now…here are some picture of the disaster that is now on my living room floor.

The Mess

More pictures of the disaster I will be dissecting below:

While I wish I could stay, I have a Meteorology test tomorrow. Keep coming back for more updates on my Purse’s O-nality! Any thoughts on what some of the items could say about my or anyone’s personality? Comment away!

Until finals are over,



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2 Responses to “My Purse’s O-nality.”

  1. jmby87 Says:

    Jamie wrote a song about my purse once:

    In Jenn’s Purse
    By: Jamie Fink

    In Jenn’s purse there are cheetos and crackers
    Cookies and candies galore
    You may find the occassional dorrito.
    It’s contents could stock a grocery store


    I got pulled over while driving down Clarkson
    This is wut the officer said
    Miss I need u license and registration
    I couldn’t find it
    So I gave him some animal crackers instead



    Now I’ve truely learned my lesson
    My purse, it needs 2 be kept clean
    Ants have colonized on my winter fresh
    And it took 9 months to kill the Queen





  2. Christine Slusser Says:

    Jenn and Jamie, this post is toooo funny!

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