True Love Gets Paid To Wait? The Teen Pregnancy Controversy…

I don’t know if you realize this, folks, but we are living in a world that is considering paying teens to not get knocked up.  That’s a reverse…

 Middle schoolers...pregnant.

No more teaching abstinence (which I am not sure I completely agreed with in the first place, knowledge is power), but instead bribing teens. 

It is quite clear that my generation any my little brother’s generations were never deceived with the “storks bring babies” lie.  We know where they come from, and have from a young age.  My little brother is 14 and I am sure he knows how babies are made.  Thank God he hasn’t made one yet.

 The mighty baby-bringer...

Back to the article of getting paid to keep a baby out of the tumy-box…Glamour magazine had an article that talked about a program called “College Bound Sisters“.  The article quotes, “[the company] offers girls ages 12 to 18 $1 a day if they avoid getting sperminated (awful word, but it gets right to the point, doesn’t it?).”

If you don't know what these are by now...I am not going to be the first to break it to ya.

While the word “sperminated” made me laugh, they are completely serious.

To read the article, click here.

It seems the days of “promise rings” may be reaching their end. Now, true love gets paid to wait.
 True Love Gets Paid to Wait...

With that, I am off!  I will be posting my cat article soon, I have been hunting down some of our kitties to get the rest of pictures.  I should have that posted by the end of this week and my blog about My Purse’s O-Nality finished by the next.  Be excited!

Kitty post due end of this week!

Until our paths cross again,


Pickford was also a pet lover, but never had any children of her own (she adopted two).


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