The Goddess Diet on a Dime: 30 pounds in 90 days…Day 1

Well, now that Old Saint Nick has come by with his milk and cookies (Lisa: and blessed my butt with five more pounds), it’s about that time  we start what my mother (Lisa) and I call: The Goddess Diet <insert heroic music here>.

Here’s what we’re gonna do: Lose 30 pounds in 90 days.

Here’s how we’re gonna do it:

1. Calorie Journal – we will limit ourselves to 1500 calories/day (with the help of a FREE calorie counting website)

2. Drink six glasses of water a day.

3. Exercise 5/days a week… this one will be interesting because I just had knee surgery. Day 1: Chair Aerobics <—click here for the exact video we did!

4. Look for and share low calorie (and delicious!) recipes…no crappy ones allowed. This is where you will help!

We would appreciate your feedback, support and recipes! We will try them out and let you know! I am a vegetarian, Mom isn’t…but feel free to post any recipes and one of us will try it!

When we try a delicious new recipe, we will post it here! Instead of putting our actual weight, we will post our weight lost weekly, and fill you in with some of those recipes…and have the calories counted out for you (aren’t we swell?).

We will see you at the end of the week – we look forward to your comments!

–Lisa and Christine – Day One


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