Goddess Diet on a Dime – Day 4!

Christine’s Post: The days seem to be flying by! We are already on day 4 of the diet! Today my friend Sadie and I made a recipe! We found the original idea on Epicurious, a recipe application for the iPhone. It wasn’t low-fat enough for us, so we improvised – and it turned out great! I would give this recipe an 8.5!

Low-Fat Tuna Casserole, 164 calories/serving, makes four servings


1 5oz. package of tuna, in water

1 package of spiral macaroni (don’t use the cheese packet, just the noodles)

2 small tomatoes

1 medium cucumber, sliced thinly

1/2 red bell pepper

4 oz. light ranch

Salt for taste


Beginning boiling water for macaroni noodles. Our package took about 6 cups of boiling water.

Mix tuna (make sure you drain it, first!), tomatoes, cucumber and red pepper together in a large bowl.

Add macaroni noodles to boiling water and cook about five minutes, or until tender.

Run cold water over noodles to prevent sticking, then drain them. Mix noodles in to the large bowl with the other ingredients.

Stir in 4 oz. of light ranch dressing. Salt/Pepper to taste, we just sprinkled some on top of our individual dishes.

This was a quick, easy, low-fat delicious recipe! Makes four servings, 164 calories/serving. Total of 655 calories.

On a Dime:

We had all the ingredients in our house – didn’t cost us a dime! However, if you do have to buy the ingredients, vegetables are cheap, so is tuna. The most expensive thing would be the low-fat ranch dressing, which is only a couple bucks.

Welcome, Will!

We’ve added a follower to our Goddess diet – except he calls it his “Fat Boy Goes Slim” diet. Best of luck!

We need you!

Post your low-fat recipes for us to try and rate!


Mom went over her calorie count yesterday, but we aren’t going to let that get her down now, are we? Nope! She did very well today and even turned down cupcakes when she went into work because she knew she had some low-fat, yet delicious pumpkin spice bars waiting for her at home! Mmmm! For that recipe, check out Day 3 of our Goddess Diet!

A great snack

We’ve discovered two great snack when we are feelings weak. 1. Hard-boiled eggs – they are high in protein and super filling. Each egg is only 90 calories. 2. Popcorn in light butter (Orville Redenbacher) – only 15 calories per cup!

New Recipe!

Thanks again to RadioCindy for the next great recipe we are going to try! It involves ricotta, vanilla and fruit! Mmmm, can’t wait to try it!

Signing off,

The Future Goddesses,

~Lisa and Christine

The picture is of Sadie and me since we made the recipe!


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  1. RadioCindy Says:

    Check out the free workouts, workout playlists, etc. at this website. Gotta love FREE stuff.

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