Goddess Diet on a New Year’s Dime – Day 6!

Christine’s Post: So my mother and I have come to the realization we can’t blog every day, but we will try to at least every other day! We had a great New Year – even a semi-low calorie one! We stayed in and had a whole house full of 10 people! We had my two nieces Ebony and Destiny, my step brother, my boyfriend, Mom, Dad, Grandma, my little brother Jacob and his friend AJ. What’s an easy, low-fat dinner for so many people? Tacos!

Tacos are low in fat if you use the right ingredients like low-fat shredded cheese, low-fat sour cream and lean beef. Refried beans are pretty fattening, but a couple spoon fulls isn’t too bad on the calorie count! It’s about 50 calories – 100 calories for a half cup – which I didn’t need. They have low-fat refried beans I am going to try next time! Lettuce and tomatoes are healthy for you and low in fat!

Here is a great, low-fat taco recipe from eHow.com!

Tasty Low-Fat Tacos with Beef and Beans

  1. Put two hard taco shells on a plate.
  2. Put the stove on medium heat and add lean beef. 93% lean or higher is best. Cook a half pound (6 oz).
  3. Open a can of fat free refried beans. Heat a half cup in a pot on the stove on low heat.
  4. When the beef is ready, add taco seasoning.
  5. Place the beef in the taco shells first.
  6. Layer with salsa.
  7. Add fat free refried beans.
  8. Add shredded lettuce.
  9. Add fat free sour cream.
  10. Top with shredded fat free cheddar cheese.
  11. Enjoy! (You may need napkins).

That’ it!

So far Mom and I have been doing a great job on our Goddess Diet! I hope you have too and have been following and trying out some of our recipes!

We wish you the most success in the New Year! Let’s make 2010 a less-fattening one, shall we?

Low-Fat Drinks!

This would have been more helpful yesterday, but like I said, we had a full house! One of the biggest downers on a diet is alcoholic drinks! They are really high in calories and can put a damper on your diet. However, let’s be realistic… I can’t ask you to give up alcohol, so here are some low-fat drinks for when you’re feelin’ a little weak.

White Zinfandel is only about 80 calories a glass, depending on the brand. An entire bottle of Sutter Home White Zinfandel is 540 calories… not too shabby for wine!

Here are some hand websites for low-calorie drinks – they even give recipes and tips!

Fat Loss School’s Drink Recipes

Fat Loss School’s Tips

Love Your Margaritas?

I found a website that offers sugar-free margarita mix! Click here to check it out!

The Chaos of Family

So we all decided we had to hook up a DVD player in the main living room – something we’ve not been successful with before. Well, Andrew (the boyfriend) decided he “was not technologically challenged” and tackled the task with my Grandma and Dad…

Mom was very proud – especially when they completed the task!

Very helpful tip!

I have had it confirmed to me by two people (one my Aunt and one a doctor) that going under your target calorie intake can be a bad thing! It’s important to try and stay close to the 1500 or 1300 calories/day you’ve allotted yourself.


Two reasons, really. One is because your body will get used to the lower calorie intake and when you actually do eat your 1500 or 1300 calories, you will gain weight. That’s the opposite of what we want to do! You will gain weight because your body became used to a lower calorie diet and when you raise it back up to the 1500, your body thinks it is extra calories!

The second reason is something we humans call “starvation mode”. If you skip meals or starve yourself, the next time you eat your body will hold on to every calorie! It doesn’t know the next time it will get nutrients, so it clings on to everything in can get!

Post your recipes!

Post your low-fat, low-cal recipes for us to try and we will rate/review them!

The future Goddesses,

~Lisa and Christine

P.S. One week weigh-in tomorrow!

P.S.S I won tickets to see Chicago at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis! Thanks, 92.7!

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3 Responses to “Goddess Diet on a New Year’s Dime – Day 6!”

  1. May High Protein Snacks Suit A 1500 Calorie Diet? | All about losing fats and weight the healthy way Says:

    […] Goddess Diet on a New Year's Dime – Day 6! « Christine Slusser's … […]

  2. RadioCindy Says:

    When thinking of low-cal alcoholic beverages, remember hard liqour (like gin, vodka and rum) have only 80 calories a shot. Mix with sugar-free mixers (rum and diet coke for instance) and you have a low cal option that packs a punch. Oh, and remember to add LOTS of ice to make it last longer.

  3. Jesus4me Says:

    Thought provoking and interesting, thank you. I was brought up in mexico but moved to england at such a young age I barely remember anything apart from the tasty food and fiery people. I finally found some authentic mexican food if you want to have a look, I thought I’d share it with you!

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