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Life…or something like it.

September 15, 2010

Hello all!

I am absolutely horrid about updating my blog unless it’s required for class. Since my Capstone ended this summer, I haven’t posted… yikes!

Where to start?

This j-kid, one-class away from being a Mizzou grad is having a kid of her own! Yup. Her name will be Lily Persephone. Here’s a pic…

Her fists are bunched up like a little boxer.  I, for one, think she will be most excellent at video games because she has learned this one-two-kick-punch combo. It’s punch-punch-kick! Almost simultaneously. My stomach looks like a little alien is trying to break out when it happens.

Look out Mortal Kombat world, Lily is gonna kick some behind. Xiayou style.


I am still working at KOMU, but as a web editor. I’m in charge of KOMU’s Twitter page, webpage and online alerts. I also answer the phone… which should be a job of its own somedays. I should also start writing down what some callers have to say…

Mid-Missourians can be crazy. That’s all I will say for now — and as a mid-Missourian myself, I think I can say that.

Well, until next update!


What Lovely Weather…

June 8, 2010

Today I am working my web shift for my Capstone. The weather is … well, look for yourself.

I took this right outside KOMU. I’ve actually learned something about people and the weather today, though. Our website views were around 200…a streak of lightning followed by its booming thunder streaked across the sky. The number on our site rose to over 1,000. Whoa. People. Care. About. The. Weather.

Thanks to for this one.

In other news, I went to Chicago this weekend – woo-hoo! It was my good friend Emily’s 21, so Andrew and I drove the 9-hour trek to make sure she had fun! Here’s a picture of the windy city itself, taken at Navy Pier.

The Windy CityInterestingly enough, my Irish-bred and Chicago-raised friend told me it isn’t called “The Windy City” because of actual wind, but because of all the hot air the politicians blow out over the city.

An article from the Huffington Post agrees, but also says the claim is controversial. Read it, here.

So, of course, I found the USA Today article mentioned in the Huffington Post… it claims the reason it’s called The Windy City is unknown. It says the windiest city in the nation is actually in Kansas.

Speaking of older movies, let’s go back even further and talk about my obsession with Mary Pickford… I usually put a picture of her after every post, but I don’t think I’ve ever explained why.

Let’s do that, shall we?

I won’t start with the boring facts, let’s get right into the nitty-gritty of why she’s important to the film industry even today. You know those little things called ‘camera angles’? Well, she helped bring them to modern cinema.

Audiences of the silent films thought they weren’t getting their entire money’s worth if they didn’t see the actor from head to toe. Pickford helped changed that and often incorporated different angles in her films.

She also created United Artists with Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin. She was the highest paid actress of her time and also won an Academy Award the first year it was given for a talking film.

She was the first superstar, the first to feel the fall from movie fame and the woman who, as titled in a 1997 biography, made Hollywood.

To check out the book, click here. Pickford also wrote an auto-bio called Sunshine and Shadow, which I’ve had the delight to read. Click here for that one.

For more info on Pickford, check it out, here.

See you next week!



Capstone Craziness

May 20, 2010

Hello, World! I know it has been too long when I forgot my username. Who does that? This kid!

So now that I have that part of my life back on track , let me tell you about my Capstone Craziness…capitalization intended.

Ms. Jen Reeves is the instructor. Let me introduce you.

Jen. Audience. Audience, this is Jen. Doesn’t that picture make her look so professional? It’s amazing what you can find when you Google Image someone’s name these days. Thanks, Google!

Anyway, it’s back to the basics of B2 for this class…at least when it comes to blogging. Once a week. Yipee! So watch out, world! You have to listen to me randomly ramble once more.

So, for this capstone class, I am building a professional website. I am mostly finished, I just need to add my print/video resume. You should check it out, here!

While on-duty for class, I am also in charge of web content and its Twitter page! You can follow KOMU, here.

That’s a lot of info all at once, so lets take a break and take a gander at a funny picture, shall we?

Now, I’m not exactly sure where in the world this had to be posted…but apparently the ladies were just plum tired of guys whizzing on their seats, or leaving them up! I’ve met some women who would kill a man for leaving up a toilet seat…I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I guess I could be wrong?

Well, have a good night, folks! I am tuckered out from my web shift and other duties of the day. I now must attempt to stay awake…I am designated driver for the night. Woop!


Now, if only I were this awake.