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Thar She Blows!

November 10, 2010

Well my dear friends, I am due in 2-3 weeks and I feel like a beached whale.

Okay…that may be a little dramatic. After doing some quick web research, I’ve the fattest, or at least near-fattest person in the world.

World, Manuel Uribe. Manuel Uribe, world.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

So while this image makes me feel not quite as bad… it doesn’t erase the fact I am super pregnant. I have a 3D image of Lily…are you ready for this?

It’s an up-close shot of her face. Some people have trouble seeing it if I don’t mention that. My Mom says she’s a baby big-head…

But let’s get back to Manuel. Did you know he got married two years ago? No joke.

Courtesy: The Daily Telegraph

I’m having trouble finding any recent information on him – but last I heard he was losing weight and happy. That’s always good to hear. I’ve met some overweight people who were pretty miserable to be around. Then again, I’ve met some thin people who were, too. I don’t think the pleasantness of a person is a direct relation to their weight.

On a happy note, this video is awesome. It’s epic. It made me cry…but that’s probably just because I’m pregnant. I do promise a smile, though!


I think that’s all for today!
Have a great one!

Enjoy the nice fall weather while you can!
Image Courtesy: I Like Old Things