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Ai Shiteru…

April 30, 2009
My picture for one of my KOMU stories

My picture for one of my KOMU stories

Did you like my little confession to the profession of journalism up there?  My worries from last week are gone!  This is exciting because I feel like I am back on track to becoming the journalist I would like myself to be.  Last week I was slightly distraught because I had trouble with my first assignment at KOMU.  Since then I have done three more and am able to use the software with much more ease.  Another exciting thing?  News at the state Capitol last night!

I usually work in Jefferson City Mondays and Tuesdays, but I swapped this week so I could do a package for KOMU.  I went in to the Capitol on Wednesday this week and guess what happened?  I finished with my radio stories for the day (they were on a bill about motorcycles high and low beams, read them here) when the Governor announced he was holding a 6 p.m. meeting about the swine flu.  My editor, Phill Brooks, immediately climbed into his excited shoes and began ranting about how the first case of swine flu must be in Missouri.  Some of my co-workers were  a bit skeptical, but it turns out Phill was right!  Instead of going home, I began to Twitter, Facebook and blog about the night’s events for the next two hours!  Two of our reporter’s went to the Gov’s meeting and were updating us as the words were spilling from Nixon’s mouth.  What an exciting use of technology to get the word out to people right as it was happening!

At KOMU this and part of last week, I’ve done two more stories.  One was on a presentation about the forgotten Ioway tribe which once reigned Missouri and the other was on a growing and disturbing new 21st century addiction:  internet addiction.  Read and watch my story about the Ioway here and read/watch my story about internet addiction, here.

I am still sick, but it is now confined to just my nasty cough. I finished my strep medicine yesterday morning, but I think it may be something else since I am not 100% yet. I missed my Broadcast 2 class this morning (sorry Greeley!) to rest and hopefully feel good enough to go to class by 1 today. Speaking of, I better get on the move since it is about 12:12 now.

Until next week,
Christine Slusser


It’s A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood…

April 23, 2009

It really feels like spring today!  Other than my sniffles, I am enjoying the weather!  I have my second VO Patrol shift tonight from 6-11 at the station.  To be honest, my first experience scared me.  I did not like it and this is a major concern since this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  I just did not know how to use the software.  I turned in my final story at 9:56 (it was due at 10) and the stress actually gave me a headache.  I hope my second one goes better and that I can use the software with at least a tiny bit more ease. Click here to read the online version of my first story. If you look to the right of it, you can also watch the video that was aired on the 10 p.m. news.

Unfortunately for me, allergy season is here.  What is even more unfortunate is the fact that I have strep throat on top of that and the flu.  Ouch.


In other news, I am a youth group/Sunday school teacher for Wilkes Boulevard UMC. They were featured in the Columbia Missourian for their trip out to Heifer Ranch. Read it, here.
Here is the picture featured in the article:
Courtesy of the Columbia Missourian

Other major news? Most of the computers in the broadcast lab are not working. I just have a feeling that today will not be my cup of tea. My electricity got shut off (ouch), I have tried about 20 computers and none of them are working, and the one I find that does work does not have a working printer. Grr. I suppose it could be worse…


I could look like this…

Have a great day for me,

I feel like my head is a little detached from my body today, too.  Courtesy