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The Surgery of Knee.

June 4, 2009

Hey gang!
Long time no update…sorry about that! I had knee surgery May 28. Want to see some pictures? Sure you do! I wil give you all a warning, what you are about to see may make some queasy. There are also some pics of some kitties benefitting (I looked this up and it turns out this word, benefiting, can be spelled with one ‘t’ or two! Interesting!) from me being stuck in bed. Here we go!

I have decided to make a “True Friends” list. The list is comprised of people who visited me during my bed rest. You will be surprised of what a person stuck in a bed for most of the 24 hours does to keep herself entertained. I have started making crafts…this should scare you. I have also figured out a way to turn on light switches with my crutches and read two books from the Twilight series in two days.

Twilight and New Moon, the first two books of the Twilight series.

They are about 700 pages each. I have also bonded with the cats. All 20 of them. Yes, you read that right.

Our little kitty, Onyx.

🙂 Next post I will make a list of all of our cats and try to get pictures of them all. This will be a big project, but…what else do I have to do but watch movies and weave my crafts?

Until next time,

One day I can stand again, too!